Looking for a better way to stay?

Rent from a local and enjoy a more comfy, personal and affordable world.








A windowbox full of herbs... a hammock on a sunlit balcony... a stylish espresso machine... a fully-stocked bookshelf... when did you last find these in your hotel room?

On 9flats.com, you can rent someone else’s apartment, room or house (or even igloo) and enjoy feeling more at home while you travel. Or you can earn money renting out your spare space. Our aim is to make travel more rewarding, comfortable and affordable, and to give homeowners an easy way of boosting their income. A nice side-effect is that the world can make smarter use of existing resources.

Stay in a local’s place and enjoy...

More value for money
You rent from a person rather than a hotel with big overheads, so you can find amazing offers, in usually unattainable locations. And, of course, you can eat cheap, delicious local food in your own kitchen, instead of eating out. Save even more by renting a private room, rather than a whole apartment.

More privacy and home comforts
There’s nothing like coming home to a comfy apartment or house at the end of a busy day’s sightseeing. As a group or family, you’ll love having a living room to hang out in and a kitchen to cook together. 9flats is also perfect for couples who want their own space, and even business people who want to put some personality into their work trips.

Receipt for your stay
On 9flats after every booking you can receive a receipt for your stay. It is a perfect way to feel like home even on business trip! More information you'll find at http://blog.9flats.com/9flats-good-for-business/

More local tips
No one knows their city like a local. You’ll be renting from a host who knows the best bars, cafes and shops in the neighbourhood: precious knowledge that could take years to discover on your own. If you’re lucky, they might even show you around the area themselves.

Some people call it social travel, some call it collaborative consumption, some call it peer-to-peer rentals, we just call it a good idea. We hope you think so too.