I found a guest’s earring, and she gave me a cake.

9 questions to Mireia

1. Why do you rent out your place?

I like meeting people, plus it's a financial aid.

2. Why 9flats?

I was well treated from the very beginning and got good bookings. Also, my experience with guests has been optimal.

3. How have you changed your decor or how you use your home since listing your place?

I've always liked to surround myself with a warm and personal atmosphere, so I haven't changed it. In general, I believe that's part of the charm of my flat.

4. What do you offer your guests as a treat?

City maps

5. What's your best/funniest hosting story?

One guest lost an earring with great sentimental value in the bathroom. I found it, gave it to her and she was so happy that she brought me a cake. It was really nice.

6. What’s your most memorable travel experience?

My travels in India.

7. What's your personal travel philosophy?

Leave room for the unexpected and discover the true essence of the place through locals.

8. How much contact do you have with your guests?

There's a shared living room and we often stay there to talk, but at the same time they can enjoy privacy, so it's something natural and spontaneous.

9. What do you enjoy about living with people you don’t know?

Exchanging ways of thinking, living, etc.


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