I like helping people discover the city through my eyes.

9 questions to Susanna

1. What do you enjoy about being a host?

I get to meet new people and make some money at the same time. I like helping people discover the city through my eyes.

2. Why 9flats?

Because it actually works.

3. What do you enjoy about living with people you don’t know?

I like discovering their customs and their point of view on things.

4. What type of guest should book your place?

Someone that loves life and cultural exchange, someone active and that is willing to visit new places to get to know new people and make new friends. A simple person.

5. How have you changed your decor or how you use your home since listing your place?

I added things about Rome, fixed some details to make the place nicer. I added posters, brochures and fliers to provide information about the city. Moreover, I offer a unique service: tours and experiences, 100% local.

6. What do you offer your guests as a treat?

I buy them something special, a plant, food etc, and give them a small present or souvenir when they leave. I’ve also printed a map of my neighborhood marking all they things they can do and that I like.

7. What’s your best insider travel tip in your area?

To discover it in different ways, on foot, by bus, by bike or by scooter. And to go visit the surroundings.

8. What’s your personal travel philosophy?

Enjoy your life and let others do the same.

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