Russian people unplug the lights, and I’ve had Chinese sleep under the bed.

9 questions to J.Yves & David

1. Why do you rent out your place?

To earn a complementary income.

2. Why 9flats?

Because you have a good reputation in Europe, and in particular in Germany.

3. What kind of traveller should book your place?

Tourists and business travellers.

4. What do you offer your guests as a treat?

A bottle (wine or champagne, according to the length of their stay) and seasonal confectionery (currently biscuit and caramels with salted butter from Mont St-Michel). I also provide drinks (orange juice, coke, beer, coffee, tea), sugar and shower gel.

5. What do you enjoy about being a host?

Talking with people from many different nationalities.

6. What's your best/funniest hosting story?

The most interesting/amusing thing is to discover the guests customs/traditions, according to where they’re from. For example, Russian people will unplug all the lights to do you a favour, while some Chinese guests, who aren’t used to sleeping in European beds, will sleep underneath the bed and ask for more blankets.

7. What’s your most memorable travel experience?

I was invited to dinner by a Burmese family.

8. What's your personal travel philosophy?

Enjoy the good life and discovering new things.

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