Meet our All Hosts

Some, we’ve known for a long time. Some are brand new. One thing they all have in common: we’ve fallen in love with them! Here are 9 questions with a selection of hosts that we thought had a little something special, and their advice for wannabe 9flats hosts.

Cem & Sema (Istanbul)

“Money and flowers, what more could you want?”

Susanna (Rome)

“I like helping people discover the city through my eyes.”

Florian (Berlin)

“If I am a good host? I have a host chromosome!”

Mireia (Barcelona)

“I found a guest’s earring, and she gave me a cake.”

Wolfgang (Berlin)

“I get the chance to discover Berlin again.”

Luis (Lisbon)

“It was an unusually windy day, and the guest had forgotten to close the really big sun umbrella.”

Francesco (Barcelona)

“A sunset Bob Marley concert on our terrace would be great.”

Martin (Amsterdam)

“Who I would like to host? For sure I'd like to host Sponge Bob.”

Ben (Berlin)

“When I’m not in my flat, someone else stays there – it's perfect.”

J.Yves & David (Paris)

"Russian people unplug the lights, and I’ve had Chinese sleep under the bed."

Jasmine & Rafic (Paris)

“Fresh juices, organic wine, small lavender bags from Provence: Love what you do or don’t do it.”

Donato (Rome)

“I can give tips about places from ancient Rome that are not always open to the public.”