The view is fantastic: Tibidabo , Sagrada Familia, Agbar-tower and many more.

9 questions to Francesco

1. What do you enjoy about being a host?

I love Barcelona and I like to convey that love. What I like most is to welcome a guest as I'd like to be welcomed, and help them get to know Barcelona quickly easily. If the guest leaves satisfied and wants to come back, that's the best reward.

2. Why 9flats?

9flats has always been a clear and reliable website, flexible with the options offered and easy to use for both hosts and guests, so from the beginning I have been very pleased with the guests received through 9flats. There has never been a problem. So far, a perfect experience.

3. What kind of traveller should book your place?

So far we’ve received many different types of travellers, from Russian and American couples on their honeymoon, to Australian backpackers, Singaporean journalists, families and groups of friends and also solo travellers. I think that what unites them is the desire to find a new, cosy and well-located apartment that allows them to alternate their visit to town with an afternoon at the beach or simply chilling out on the terrace having a drink in front of a beautiful sunset. We’ve always required respect for both the flat and the neighbours, and so far we have always got it.

4. How do you get to know your guest before they arrive?

I always send my guests useful information about Barcelona, about festivals, seasonal events and useful tips to help them arrive prepared to and to organise activities in advance, if they wish to do so. All this makes communication easier.

5. What do you offer your guests as a treat?

I always give them some little gift that is representative of Barcelona and that varies depending on the season and the guest's profile. I also offer them tips to get discounts on different types of activities they might be interested in.

6. What is your best/funniest host story

One I remember is a Singaporean travel journalist wrote a nice review about 9flats and my flat on her blog. Also I have to mention all those guests that brought me a gift from their country or that invited me to visit them when they left. The most surprising one is the description of the flat written by one of my first guests: it was better than my own description. The funniest story is in one of the reviews I got. I won't tell which one, it's pretty obvious and you should read the reviews.

7. What’s your most memorable travel experience?

I’ve travelled the five continents and, in my opinion, the Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu and Australia have been superceded, by the natural park of the Lagunas Coloradas and the Salar of Uyuni region of Bolivia. Incredible views, lakes, the world's tallest geyser, a 6,000m volcano, red and white highlands and the world's largest salt flat. It's a must see!

8. What's your personal travel philosophy?

I’ve travelled extensively as a backpacker and generally prefer to avoid organised group tours so I can have more direct contact with the country I'm visiting. I've already used 9flats once as a guest on a ‘quiet’ trip to Paris and was very pleased.

9. If you could host anyone in the world as your next guest, who would it be?

If it was possible, Albert Einstein, to understand how, in a time with such limited technical means, he managed to discover laws that remain fundamental for the development of current and future science. On another level, a private Bob Marley concert during sunset on our terrace would be great.


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