I’d like to host Sponge Bob.

9 questions to Martin

1. What do you do?

I’m the founder of Toogethr, a social carpool app.

2. Why do you rent out your place?

Three reasons:

1. To learn about the sharing economy first-hand;
2. Because I need money to finance my business;
3. Because I love meeting new people.

3. Why 9flats?

Because of the quality of the website and the amount of traffic I get.

4. What do you enjoy about living with people you don’t know?

There is always a lot of exchange of stories when you meet. So for a couple of days, most people are great to live with.

5. What do you offer your guests as a treat?

Coffee and tea. And when the weather is great: beer and wine.

6. What do you enjoy about being a host?

Help people finding get off the beaten track.

7. What's your best/funniest hosting story?

The moment I came home from vacation and there were two lovely ladies in my house who had prepared dinner.

8. What’s your most memorable travel experience?

Being kidnapped by pirates on the Indian Ocean. Who turned out to be first-time pirates and not that bad after all.

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