Meet our All Hosts

Some, we’ve known for a long time. Some are brand new. One thing they all have in common: we’ve fallen in love with them! Here are 9 questions with a selection of hosts that we thought had a little something special, and their advice for wannabe 9flats hosts.

Janeth (Amsterdam)

“Making people happy is the best thing there is.”

Tim (Hamburg)

“When we're not in my flat, someone else stays there – it's perfect.”

Mariella (Vienna)

“George Clooney, if you’re reading this, let me know!”

Giulia & Francesco (Rome)

"Friendly, sunny, smiley, polite, open... that’s all we can think of!"

Harumi (London)

"I would love to host the Dalai Lama."

Olivier (Paris & Bangkok)

“Make it a better experience than at a hotel!”

Bernard & Michael (London)

“We’re considering opening a Museum of Abandoned Adaptors based on all the adaptors that our guests keep leaving behind.”