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Get the girls together

"Want to say goodbye to your single status in style? We have just the thing for you...
This luxury tent is the epitome of girliness. Set in the beautiful surroundings of North Yorkshire, each tent can cater for up to six guests. And with a price tag of just £25 a head, you'll be booking quicker than you can say “I do”!"

The self-catering cottage in Ireland that thinks it’s a pub

"What’s my formula for the perfect pub? Well it would be in small Irish village, for a start, with good wine and food, no sports TV and no stag parties and – brilliant, this – a bed to tumble into at kicking out time. Simply put, my “best bar” would be run by me, for my friends. So I’m off to the centre of Ireland to pick up the keys to my own pub."

The Guardian | 22 June 2012

Follow in footballers’ footsteps in Eastern Europe

"Europe’s biggest football championship will kick off in Poland and Ukraine on June 8th. As hotels there drastically up their prices to take advantage of visiting English supporters, many Polish and Ukrainian householders are putting their properties up for rent, allowing English fans more affordable alternatives."

travelbite.co.uk | 5 April 2012

Too hip to handle

"The ‘couch surfing 2.0’ concept helps you see uber-cool Berlin like a local. We try it out in search of the capital’s cutting edge [...] It’s thanks to Dennis Elias, a 32-year-old soul singer who resembles a more delicate version of a Thelma And Louise-era Brad Pitt, that I’m here tonight. I found him on 9flats.com..."

TNT | 16 March 2012

Rent your own Irish boozer

"It’s St Patrick’s Day on March 17 – and you cannot get away from the fact that booze plays a pretty large part in most of the celebrations. So why not rent out your own Irish pub? In Ireland."

The Sun | 26 February 2012

Watch out, London: A perfect storm of tech attributes is attracting talent from across Europe to Berlin

"In 2004, Berlin's mayor Klaus Wowereit described the city in a TV interview as "poor but sexy" - a casual phrase that has since become the city's unofficial slogan... It also partly explains its rapid growth - lots of cheap, attractive office space, good infrastructure and young, eager developers, designers and programmers."

Wired | 9 January 2012

Berlin emerges as technology challenger

"Even as London’s technology hub begins to grow, a rival entrepreneurial cluster in Berlin is vying to draw in European talent. [...] “I moved to Berlin because it’s so much easier for me to find decent online marketing guys, it’s still much cheaper than anywhere else in Europe in terms of the cost of living,” says Roman Bach, founder of 9flats. He says it is easy to get talented staff to move to Berlin."

Financial Times | 27 October 2011

Christmas in Dubai

"Booking early is always a good idea for getting a good price. The 9flats.com website has a nice selection of places in Munich for rent from owners. The key to keeping costs down is to find a centrally-located apartment, or one very close to transport links. You would be looking at paying about €70-€140 per night for a good location."

The Irish Times | 8 October 2011